My name is Geoff Yaryan, and I am a criminal defense lawyer. An accusation of committing crime is an alarming situation. The sequence of events usually involves an arrest, sometimes jail, and eventually a court date.

For those with no previous contact with this process, it can be very disturbing. For those unfortunate enough to have been through it before, you realize how necessary it is to get help. A favorable outcome depends upon acting quickly, and carefully. You need expert and knowledgeable representation. I can provide you with each of these.

Probably the most important single skill a criminal attorney can provide to his client is one usually not talked about. That is the ability to negotiate effectively with prosecutors and judges. This is because most cases settle before trial. The plea and sentence bargaining process usually determines the outcome most of the time. While this is not a glamorous part of the profession, it is nonetheless, the most critical in many ways. I have done this successfully throughout my career. I can do it for you.

Some lawyers advertise they will aggressively fight for you in court. This may sound impressive to the uninformed, and it can on occasion be a part of an overall strategy, but it has its limitations. As I said, negotiation is what determines the results in most cases. Defending you is usually not a prizefight; rather it is a chess match. Brain's not muscles are what serve you best in most situations. I have the ability to play the game well. I can use the muscle if necessary; cleverness when useful, and always rely on my intellect and judgment to forge a satisfying conclusion to an unpleasant ordeal,

By far, the most important fact to know about an attorney is their level of experience. You can multiply everything else by that single factor. Experience broadens a person’s understanding and focus. My experience in criminal law is wide-ranging. It encompasses in excess of thirty years devoted exclusively to the practice of criminal law.

My career began in Los Angeles as a highly educated although young and naive deputy public defender. I had recently graduated from law school at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina I learned first-hand in the largest and busiest court system in the state of California. That exposure provided me with many of the necessary skills to represent my clients. I handled literally thousands of criminal cases. That included almost 100 jury trials. After five years of study, I felt ready to try it on my own.

I left the Public Defender’s office and entered private practice. I discovered quickly there was still much to learn. I continued gaining experience by handling cases in state courts throughout California as well as federal courts in California, Hawaii, and Arizona.

Gaining this vast experience was important. It has enabled me to have a greater understanding of the criminal-justice system. Very importantly a better understanding of those who work within it, including judges and prosecutors. Taking advantage of this will provide you the best opportunity at success.

To paraphrase a biblical quote, “knowledge will set you free.” This is especially true when faced with forces intent on doing the opposite.

Come into my office or call on the phone and I will honestly answer your questions. I will try neither to scare you into submission, nor deceive you with false promises. I will try to give you advice you can realistically rely upon.

When looking for a criminal lawyer you have plenty of choices. Choose wisely. Many will claim that they can help you, some of these may, and others may not. None will improve upon the results I can gain for you. This means none will do a better job in defending you, nor in reducing the penalties for a conviction if that unfortunate fact becomes necessary.

Come in for a free consultation and I will explain to you in simple and understandable terms,

  • The nature and elements of the charges facing you when you go to court (if a misdemeanor I can go for you);
  • Any potential defenses you may have to those charges;
  • Any unusual tactics or motions that may result in a dismissal, or a lesser charge;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a jury trial;
  • What penalties you face if convicted of the crimes you are accused of committing;
  • Factors that could reduce those penalties;
  • Exactly what tactics and approaches I can use to most effectively deal with your individualized situation.