Coachella, California

Coachella, California

Coachella is one of the cities lining the Coachella Valley in centralRiverside County. It is the easternmost city in the Coachella Valley and is located 28 miles east of Palm Springs, and 130 miles east of Los Angeles .The city of Coachella is largely a rural, agricultural community in the low desert of Southern California. It was incorporated in 1946. The population was then only a 1,000 residents, the population at the time of 2010 census was over 40,000.Nearby is the Salton Sea, an inland salt like caused by a massive flood of the Colorado River in 1905 which broke through an irrigation canal headwork and flow freely into the Salton Basin for 18 months, it is California's largest lake. The Salton Sea along with the eastern half of the Coachella valley is below sea level, and the area's average elevation is 68 et below sea level.

Coachella, CA

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Coachella, CaliforniaCoachella, CaliforniaCoachella, California

The City of Coachella is an important agricultural center in the Coachella Valley. Many of the residents are employed in this noble enterprise as well as in supporting businesses. It is also a community that is the home to many Latino immigrants who have helped make Coachella an integral part of the Coachella Valley, and a vital addition to the growing economy of the area.

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