Domestic Violence

An arrest for domestic violence can be very serious

A conviction has potentially far-reaching and sometimes serious consequences. In many cases it can result in jail, and in some cases prison. It can also result in lengthy and restrictive probation, large fines, restitution assessments, a mandatory one year "anger management" class, and deportation if you are not a citizen. I'm an experienced criminal defense attorney whose office is located locally in the Coachella Valley, and I have represented over the years literally hundreds of people accused of domestic violence.

There are often valid defenses to accusations of domestic violence. One example is where the police over-react and arrest only one individual when in fact both parties were at fault. Another is where one party, out of anger, may falsely accuses the other of a committing a violent act where none actually occurred. To compound matters, later the complaining party may be prevented from telling the truth by the District Attorney because of threats that if they change their story it could result in a prosecution for filing a false police report.

Sometimes the acts of the person arrested were actually done in self-defense. Too often police in their haste may refuse to hear the other side of the story because they falsely assume the person making the original complaint is telling the whole truth.

How important is an experienced attorney?

Because many of these cases can involve sloppy and incomplete police work you need a skilled attorney. When you go into court without the help of a skilled and experienced attorney you are going into a potentially hostile environment blindfolded. No one in the court other than your attorney has as their exclusive duty, the protection of your rights and the advancement of your particular interests. Many of those whom you come into contact with in the court system are primarily interested in expediting your case, which too often means having you plead guilty so they can move onto the next case. This often is not in your best interest.

I have aggressively employed many different strategies in defending my clients accused of domestic violence including:

  1. Jury and court trials
  2. Persuading the D.A. through plea bargains to reduce the charge to something less serious, or to reduce felonies to misdemeanors
  3. Convincing a judge to impose a sentence that will not require jail, or prison
  4. Motions to exclude evidence confessions.