Driving Under the Influence

Geoffrey M. YaryanWhether you call it drunk driving, a dui, or driving under the influence, an arrest for driving either while you were impaired due to alcohol or drugs, or while your blood alcohol level was .08 or above, is a very menacing experience.

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If you are convicted of a DUI you face potentially far-reaching and serious problems: loss of your driver's license, large fines, lengthy probation, mandatory alcohol programs, work release programs, increased insurance rates, and in some cases jail or even prison.

How important is an attorney? When you go into court without the help of a skilled and experienced attorney you are going into a potentially hostile environment blindfolded. No one in the court other than your attorney has as their exclusive duty the protection of your rights and the advancement of your particular interests. Many of those whom you come into contact within the court system are primarily interested in expediting your case, which too often means having you plead guilty so they can move on to the next case. This often is not in your best interest.

My name is Geoff Yaryan, my firm is the Law office of Geoffrey M Yaryan, and we are located in Indian Wells, California. Most of my clients come from the Coachella Valley, including the cities of Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Indio and the other communities which make up the Coachella Valley. I have extensive experience in defending people who have been accused of driving under the influence. That experience covers more than thirty years and over 3000 cases involving arrests for driving under the influence.

After your DUI arrest and subsequent release from custody, the first question most asked is what do I do now? Your obvious first act should be to search for an attorney. Not only an attorney but one who will actually help you. The type to avoid are those who in a colloquialism of the profession want to, "bleed and plead you." That phrase means take your money, plead you guilty to the DUI or drunk driving, and do very little work in the process other than going to court once or twice. To entice you they offer cut rate fees. For those low fees they can afford to do very little work on your DUI case and still make money.

To properly represent a client for driving under the influence, an attorney must first do some exhaustive investigation in order to determine what facts or strategies will benefit their client. This includes gathering all the necessary discovery: police reports, accident reports if there was an accident, the results of chemical tests, dispatch records, calibration records for the breathalyzer, a re-test of a blood sample if necessary, and video records of the arrest which are often keep by police agencies. While the prosecution is obligated to supply the defense with much of the discovery, sometimes they fail to diligently fulfill that obligation or claim the defense is not entitled to the requested discovery in which case a motion can be made to the court enforcing the request and ordering the prosecution to comply. Without a thorough investigation you can miss some vital information needed to aid in the defense of your DUI. No matter what the eventual outcome of your case, if I represent you, you can be confident that every possible avenue of investigationto assist you will have been explored.