Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert, California

The law office of Geoffrey M Yaryan is adjacent to Palm Desert in Indian Well, and has served the area for almost fifteen years specializing in helping people who have been arrest for criminal offenses including driving under the influence.

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Palm Desert is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley. It’s bordered on the west by Rancho Mirage and on the east by Indian Wells; it’s approximately 14 miles from Palm Springs and 122 miles east of Los Angeles. The population was listed at 48,445 in the 2010 census. Palm Desert is a popular retreat for many from the colder climates of the Northeast and Canada. An estimated 31,000 people each winter migrate to the mild climate of the area which offers beautiful golf and tennis resorts as well as many popular hotels. Shopping is one of the many attractions Palm Desert has to offer and the area known as “El Paseo” is considered by many to be one of the finest shopping areas in Southern California, comparable to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hill, and is complete with high end clothiers, art galleries, famous restaurants, and lush landscaping.

El paseo
El Paseo

The Palm Desert area was first known as the Old MacDonald Ranch, but in the 1920's the name changed to Palm Village. The area included date palm orchards and the economy was primarily agricultural. In 1948, the Palm Desert Corporation began to develop real estate, and in 1951 the area was given its present name. Like Palm Springs it is famous for celebrities. Palm Desert has attracted many of the rich and famous, and now includes film producer Jerry Weintruab, and Microsoft magnate Bill Gates as part time residents. Swimming pools dot the area and tourism flourishes in the winter months.

The Shadow Mountain Resort and Tennis Club
The Shadow Mountain Resort and Tennis Club

The first golf and tennis club was the Shadow Mountain Resort which opened in 1952. It was quickly followed by Marrakesh in 1954, the Palm Desert Greens mobile home park golf course in 1961, and the Palm Desert Country Club in 1962. Today there are more than 30 golf clubs in the extended Palm Desert area.

An unfortunate consequence for some who take advantage of the glamorous environment Palm Desert has to offer is the unwanted run in with law enforcement. This typically happens after a night out at a local restaurant where a little too much wine or spirits is consumed and a stop by the police results in an arrest for driving under the influence, or as more popularly called drunk driving or DUI. Fortunately, the Law office of Geoffrey M Yaryan is nearby, and ready to serve those confronted with the need for legal assistance in dealing with such an unfortunate event. Palm Desert like many other communities in the Coachella valley contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to provide police services to the city. This is the agency that is responsible for most of the arrests within the city of Palm Desert.

My name is Geoff Yaryan and I have been helping people with criminal problems for over 30 years, have handled literally thousands of DUI cases, as well as more serious crimes like drug arrests, domestic violence arrests, and occasionally crimes involving accusations of sex crimes. My clients can vouch for my skill in dealing with virtually any form of problem that involves the criminal law.

Those arrested in the Coachella Valley generally are required to appear in the Indio branch of the Riverside County Superior Court. I am there on almost a daily basis, I know the judges, the DA's, and have a very good working relationship with each, and as a result I am in the perfect person to help you at a time when quality experience is exactly what you need.

Palm Desert, CaliforniaPalm Desert, California