Sex Offenses

Allegations involving a violation of a sexual related offense are particularly disturbing. A conviction has potentially very serious consequences. Depending on the nature of the charge a conviction can often result in lengthy prison sentences. If probation is granted the terms are likely to be restrictive. Those include fines, restitution assessments, and local jail time. If you are not a citizen you can be deported.

I’m an experienced criminal defense attorney and I have represented over the years literally hundreds of people accused of sexually related offenses. Sexual offenses can include child molestation, rape, sex with a minor, indecent exposure and the commission of lewd acts. There are often valid defenses to these charges . One example is where an accusation is made based on only the statement of one person or child where there is no other supporting evidence. This can especially occur when the charges are rape or child molestation. In these situations finding a motive to lie, or showing other examples of untruthful conduct will help persuade a jury that the alleged victim is fabricating a story.

Having an experience attorney can be the difference between going free or going to prison. Many of these cases can involve sloppy and incomplete police work. When you go into court without the help of a skilled and experienced attorney you are going into a potentially hostile environment blindfolded. No one in the court other than your attorney has as their exclusive duty the protection of your particular interests.

An arrest for a serious sex charge can be successfully defended. The fact that you have been arrested does not necessarily mean that the prosecution can prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Call me today for a free consultation